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Welcome to the Friends of Atwater Website

If you've landed on this page, then it is most likely for the same reason we exist as an organization: to improve the health of the LA River and North Atwater Park. We are an organization that is dedicated to the cause because we believe that an improved Los Angeles River will provide a healthier environment for all Angelinos. Throughout this site, you'll find ways to educate yourselves on the revitalization process as well as how to take part in what will be one of Los Angeles's most important restoration projects.

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Learn about our mission

As an organization, our mission is to support the rebuilding of North Atwater Park and the improvement of North Atwater Creek as a tributary of the Los Angeles River. Since 2012, community members of Atwater Village as well as city leaders, have worked to revitalize North Atwater Creek. Throughout the years, strides had been made, but goals still have to be met.

Our Mission

With the L.A. River Revitalization Master Plan as a guideline, we believe there are ways to keep the momentum going. Ultimately, our vision is a vibrant North Atwater Creek and Park alongside an LA River that is cleaner and healthier from the valley to the sea.

Additionally, our mission is to end all pollution of the Los Angeles River and promote a more conscious environment where clean water can be a reality. Without addressing the true cause of a lifeless river, we can't move forward in rebuilding and renewing it. With North Atwater Creek and Park in mind, we want to end water pollution in all of Los Angeles County. However, change begins within our own community, and that is why we work endlessly to make an impact starting at North Atwater Creek.

Feel free to browse through our site and find ways you can get involved with us! We are only better together, and progress will be made as a team. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us because we are here for every and any question you may have. Together, we can bring forth the change we need to support a healthier future for North Atwater Creek and Los Angeles.