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Advocate for Change

If you're looking to get involved and take action in cleaning up the Los Angeles River, there are many opportunities for you to do so. Many organizations have put together community-wide efforts and programs that have made major progress throughout the years. Whether it may be organizing tours of the river to promote awareness or physically cleaning it up, there are multiple actions being taken. The best news about all of this is that alongside Friends of Atwater, you, too, can make a difference in bettering the Los Angeles River and all of Los Angeles County.

Take Action

Friends of the LA River Cleanups

There is an incredible organization called Friends of the LA River that constantly organizes activities in order to benefit the Los Angeles River. Every year, they organize a cleanup that takes on each part of the river in a certain amount of days, making it easier to clean the river as a whole. If you're looking to get involved, find out more about their cleanup. There is never a limit as to how many people can join and help to promote a healthier Los Angeles River.

Additionally, Friends of the LA River offers other ways to promote awareness of the state of the Los Angeles River. They host virtual tours and physical tours of the river, which can help more Angelinos become aware of the situation. If you're looking to get involved in cleaning up the Los Angeles River as a whole, then these types of volunteer opportunities can help you do so. Alongside Friends of Atwater, Friends of the LA River strives for the same goals of revitalizing the river and promoting a healthier environment free from water pollution.

General Volunteer Opportunities

Other groups and agencies also host community-wide cleanups throughout Los Angeles County during the year. Our organization participates in these cleanups as well as our own community efforts in continuing the rebuilding of North Atwater Creek. There is no limit to the number of efforts that can be made when working for the same goal, so participating in as many opportunities as you can will be the best way to take action. We encourage you to join your local community's events whether you live in Atwater Village or not, take part in them, and bring along friends and neighbors as well.

Ultimately, the state of the Los Angeles River and North Atwater Creek is in our hands, and we have to take action now before it's too late. This isn't just for the sake of both the river and the park but also for the benefit of all of Los Angeles County. A healthier environment that is free from all types of water pollution will bring forth a healthier future and living situation for all Angelinos alike.